Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 7---- Blogging Quirks!!

Blogging According to Amanda!!
So I've been book reviewing for a long time. However being new to the blogging world. I'm going to share my process with you in pictures.
Dramatic Moment before starting!

Being responsible ready to write with my notepad.

Sigh! Brain why must you forget every detail of a book right now?

Come on Book remind me of why all your greatness!

Characters! Characters! Characters! Yes!!! Now I remember!!!
That was fun actually!

Time to Publish this for the world to see! Or that one loner in the corner.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 6---- How I SHOP FOR BOOKS???

How I shop for books???

Well I'm addicted to used bookstores. I love walking into the one down here in Jacksonville,Florida. It's this huge Wearhouse of used books. The front is a worn down theater and the inside is rows and rows of floor to celing books. There are rooms of these shelves. I love to get 

lost in the YA/Teen Room or The Children's Chapter Books. I always am on the look out of something different something that might not be the “in” thing. I also am looking for the “in” thing for a realistic price.
My kids love books too so I can their books at half the price it's a good day. They read as quickly as I do and fall for series books. So I like that there are PLENTY to choose from.

Back home we have a used bookstore in Greenville,SC that I like a good bit too. It's not my favorite but, they do have a good selection of “IN” books all  of the time.

My other ways are Amazon for my kindle I look for the 00.0 deals or ones that are under 5 dollars. I know those are normally indie authors and if you haven't noticed I love those books.

Thrift Stores are a great place to search out books. Sure their selection is limited but sometimes you can luck out and find something really great.

Final and last place is Books-A-Million Clearence Aisles I always find something there.

So those are my secerts to buying books what are yours?

Aversion by kenechi Udogu

Written by: Kenechi Udogu
reviewed by: Amanda Peake

Aversion is a novella it's 133 pages. Kenechi manages to pack quite a lot into that small amount of space though. I've often wondered weather there are people who have the powers of influence over society. This book takes that curiosity and runs with it. As you know any book I read I have to talk about the characters.

This girl takes risk without being stupid. She's smart, funny, and loveable. The best thing about Gemma is she puts others before herself. In her life that is not the easiest thing to do. I would like to see her dive a little deeper emotionally. Over all she is a well written character.

He is sweet and smart. I like that he is to smart to fall for Gemma's lies. His instinct is to not believe Gemma so he ends up head first mixed up in everything. When he finds out the truth is becomes protective without being pushy. He's written a little to perfectly for my taste buds. I'm sure he's just right for Gemma though.

This book has a great concept and is well written. It does lack depth but it makes up for that in fun and mystery. The romance is sweet without being over the top.

I give this book according to my new rating standards a 


Good to Go!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 5 ... Recommend a Tear Jerker.

As you can see I don't do fiction tear jerkers. I do real life ones things we can get passionate about and do soemthing to stop. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 4: What was the last book I threw?

Day 4.. The last book I threw?

Sigh, I am not a book thrower. I at some points feel like throwing them. I just have this huge issue with not taking care of books (ask my kids). I think of books as works of art and even if I don't enjoy them someone will. So the one I wanted to throw was

THE 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. 

Read the review to find out why...... 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Book blogger Challenge Day 2

Day 2... What is my bed time book reading routine?

This one is funny to me. I have horrible routines period right now. My health makes it impossible to have one really. I go to be when I'm ready to SLEEP not read. I read when I'm in situations where I need an escape. chemo treatments.. etc... bed is for turning on some TV show and falling asleep. I read at night when I tired but can't sleep. Books keep me way to invovled. So there is my non- answer..

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The challenge.

If you check out my Current Challenge Page you are going to find this picture along with some explanation to why I'm doing this and what to expect. 

Day 1.

1. I like bad boys in theory but I have a huge soft spot for the best friend or sweet guy.

2. I am a book collector as well as avid reader. I can't help myself if I go into a store of any kind and it has a book section I'm there. I don't always buy them but I gaze longingly at them for sure. Even though I have like 90 books I need to read.

3. I have a system to organizing my books that NO ONE but me would understand. However if you ask if I have a book I know YES or No and where to find it. 

4. I have four favorite authors currently and though I'm awaiting a print edition of a debut novel it already has a place saved. My husband once moved my books around and I got really upset lol.

5. If I read a series of books that I really like I will slowly want all of them in print which leaves the issue of where to put them all. I really like what some authors end up doing making one big book with 3 or 4 of the series in one. Saves so much room :-)

6. My mom started my reading addiction quite young. I have since I can remember always had books. My mom told me once I would read them so fast that she didn't quite believe I had read them. She would quiz me on them. Then she would shake her head and say go find a library I can't afford to keep buying you all these books.  I love that about her. I in turn have done the same for my boys. My youngest started reading at 3 and loves books under the table or the middle of the doorway are his favorite places to drop and open a book. 

7. Sometimes when I go to a friends home I judge them by their bookshelves. They don't have to like what I do but, a lack of books is never a good thing (unless moving). Also if the Twilight series is out front ready to be seen I generally have a sarcastic comment.

8. One of my favorite reading experiences was this year.  My mom, my two sons and I were in a restaurant in TX  and the boys were being loud. So I saw a bookshelf and grabbed The Children's Illustrated Classic  Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens willing to try anything to settle them. I didn't expect what happened next though they were so sucked into the book that they started begging for me to read it. I so enjoyed watching them here a classic for the first time. Next was Pippi Longstockings and we've read everyone so far. I love that during family story time they can hear some of the old "classics" and love them.

9. I have to admit it really annoys me when I'm reading a book and the science doesn't add up. For example if there is a lack of Oxygen and there are huge fires I kinda need an explanation. 

10. I am so happy that there are books that are geared toward boys now. I remember for a long time boys weren't encouraged to read as much as girls. I'm so glad that's changed. 

11. I'm a Young Adult/ New Adult fanatic because I find most adult books so slow and boring. I fall asleep a lot when I'm reading something like Nicholas Sparks.. don't laugh.

12. My absolute favorite books are Dystopian or Paranormal with a twist. Like Kaitlyn Davis vampire books.

13. I see the movie of the book as I read. My mind is completely a theater in and of itself. So when a book I love goes to the big screen I must watch it knowing the whole time they are totally ruining what could have be EPIC. LOL I'm worried about Divergent.

14. I hate jumpy out scary things or thrillers that are to real. Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies for the most part are fine. Give me killer bees, people, ants etc.. NO. I abhor horror movies for this reason. The blood and guts don't phase me the suspense and jumpy stuff does. 

15. I read all the Vampire Diaries books and loved them. However in this instance I love the TV show and it's vastly different story for the same reasons. No it's not Damon.. It's the other brother. LOL