Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 6---- How I SHOP FOR BOOKS???

How I shop for books???

Well I'm addicted to used bookstores. I love walking into the one down here in Jacksonville,Florida. It's this huge Wearhouse of used books. The front is a worn down theater and the inside is rows and rows of floor to celing books. There are rooms of these shelves. I love to get 

lost in the YA/Teen Room or The Children's Chapter Books. I always am on the look out of something different something that might not be the “in” thing. I also am looking for the “in” thing for a realistic price.
My kids love books too so I can their books at half the price it's a good day. They read as quickly as I do and fall for series books. So I like that there are PLENTY to choose from.

Back home we have a used bookstore in Greenville,SC that I like a good bit too. It's not my favorite but, they do have a good selection of “IN” books all  of the time.

My other ways are Amazon for my kindle I look for the 00.0 deals or ones that are under 5 dollars. I know those are normally indie authors and if you haven't noticed I love those books.

Thrift Stores are a great place to search out books. Sure their selection is limited but sometimes you can luck out and find something really great.

Final and last place is Books-A-Million Clearence Aisles I always find something there.

So those are my secerts to buying books what are yours?

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  1. You have great ideas for finding good books, Amanda. Now that most books are on Kindle, I try to get them because they're much less expensive. We don't have a good used book store near us, but sometimes we can find something at craft shows that we're attending for book signings.