10 Star System

10 Star System
    Due to being added to a very important blogging list I was asked to change to a ten star system one star for each question.

Here is the Question List. I will also be adding a few of my own as I learn this new approach.

1. Has reading this book created a desire for me to check out other books written by this author?

2. Did the Author use words to create a World or Situation that became visual while reading?

3. Did the book engaged me so that I did not want to put the book down?

4. Did I become emotionally connected to the main characters?

5. Did I become emotionally connected to the side characters?

6. Where the characters written in a believeable manner?

7. Was the story well paced?

8. Was the dialogue between characters intersting and believeable?

9. Did the author write the love or fight scences well?

10. One star if I overall enjoyed this book.


  1. That's actually a pretty awesome rating system. I've been looking to create a rating system for book reviews on my blog. I might have to incorporate some of those. If you don't mind, that is.

  2. Actually Amanda, that's very helpful to writers like myself who want to make sure we engage and entertain with all we have. I keep a similar list on my white board in my office that i try to apply to each chapter of my books:

    Writing Keys:
    1) Setting (all senses)
    2) Voice (are the characters original?)
    3) Conflict (turn it up!!!)
    A) Internal
    B) External
    4) WONDER! (nuff said)
    5) Mystery (have to create the curiosity)
    6) HOOKS! (beginning, middle, end)
    7) Remember to show, don't tell.

    Not always easy, but I appreciate your list and will be adding it into my own!